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The Endeavor Consulting Group

Helping people and organizations succeed through change

Point of View

The Endeavor Consulting Group (ECG) is a management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations and their members to develop and implement changes needed to achieve their objectives. We have been in business since 2004 providing customized solutions to meet our clients' strategic and personnel management needs. Our consultants have training and advanced degrees in organizational psychology, change management, and corporate communications with over 50 years of combined experience. Our practice is built on establishing long-term relationships based on trust with senior leaders in a focused client base.


corporate consultingThe mission of Endeavor Consulting Group is to enable its clients to effectively implement change and development initiatives for the improvement of both the individual and the organization.

ECG does this by teaching the organization to refine its problem-solving capabilities and its ability to cope with change in both internal and external environments. We collaborate with organizations to help them maximize the effectiveness of their strategies, structures, processes, and people by teaching skills and knowledge related to continuous learning and analysis.



leadership development consulting serviceThe Endeavor Consulting Group embraces a humanistic philosophy of organizational development. This includes open communication with clients and their active participation. ECG promotes the values of continuous learning, science, inclusion, diversity, and collaboration. This includes the honest representation of data, positive regard for individuals, promotion of organizational values and goals, and technical competence. ECG favors a team-based approach for accomplishing change and development. We desire to work with our client organizations as consultants, facilitators, collaborators, and co-learners.


consultant approachThe humanistic type of organizational development that the Endeavor Consulting Group practices encourages communication and cooperation between leadership and employees. We prefer employee involvement, where appropriate, so that they are active in improving conditions and making decisions within their range of control. ECG also supports team work to capitalize on the creativity, resourcefulness, and insight that teams contribute.

ECG helps clients achieve their goals by transferring knowledge to them during the phases of discovery, analysis, diagnosis, solution design, implementation, and follow-up. We work alongside the client offering advice and recommendations, and in the process both the client and ECG are continuously learning—always considering new information and acquiring knowledge about how best to problem-solve within the context of the client’s values and goals.